What does the chaos of the sea contain? In order to make sense of our chaotic marine environment and micro-environments, it is helpful to create order. Identification is one of the the first steps in scientific discovery. With identification, we can study each species and make sense out of the chaos.

Climate change will bring forth permanent alterations in our environment. Since studies have been in existence, all species of all living things have evolved. I feel a great weight and responsibility to convey the message that we, as human beings in the 21st century, must research and sustain our environment. It is my hope to educate others about the threat of climate change to promote thought and action in order to preserve our earth’s habitats.

Success at slowing global warming will depend on actions by governments and our personal choices. This is not just about the quality of life for our future children but about our own future. As a healer and an educator, it is my fervent hope to enlighten people that treating and managing the human assault on our earth’s natural resources, will heal
ourselves. Images can promote healing by creating a visual experience. We can be reminded of the beauty we inherited. We can heal, protect and preserve our
environment, thereby healing, protecting and preserving ourselves.

As a visual artist, I believe in the importance of creating a painterly, contemporary, recording of the environment at this time on earth.

Images can promote healing by creating a calm or energetic visual experience that creates a mood.

We can heal ourselves with focused thought and energy.

We can heal, protect and preserve our environment, thereby healing, protecting and preserving ourselves.


20 x 30 inches 

Encaustic and mixed media on panel.

I love working in the round. 

Images Promote Healing

"Cod Larvae", Encaustic on wood panel, 15 inches round. On exhibit now in Highfield Hall.

On Exhibit

Highfield Hall 
Falmouth Massachusetts

​"Protect the Oceans” 
An exhibit by artists interested in protecting our oceans

and shoreline


June 18 – Final day of exhibit.


Photos of the Artists Reception at Highfield Hall courtesy of Larry DeJong. 

English landscapes and Pearson's Point, Maine. Encaustic and mixed media, 12 x 12 inches each.

Healing Series, details. Mixed media with encaustic and gold leaf. 24 x 36 inches each.

Pamela Dorris DeJong Fine Art

I am very pleased to announce that I will be included in:


​Summer Exhibition



1963 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington, MA.


June 23rd - July 16th, 2017

Opening Reception

Friday June 23rd